• Our olive grove has 3500 trees established in 1997.

  • We grow five varieties of olives. The oil varieties are Frantoio and Correggiola, and our table olives come from Jumbo Kalamata, Kalamata and Manzanillo trees.

  • We usually harvest between April and June.

  • We process, bottle, label and pack our olives at the grove, in a new purpose-built facility.

  • Our olive oil is cold pressed locally, and then returns to us for bottling and labeling at the grove.

How to taste Olive Oil


Color may range from a greenish golden hue to golden to pale yellow. However, color is not an indication of the quality of an olive oil. At official IOOC olive oil tastings, samples are served in dark colored glass so that tasters are not influenced by color.


Roll the oil around the cup to fully wet the sides, swirl to warm the oil with your palms and inhale deeply two or three times. Some words to describe olive oil aroma include: fruity, flowery, flat.


Many parts of the tongue and mouth are involved in evaluating flavour, which encompasses aroma, taste, and texture. To enable optimal perception of the four primary tastes (sweet, salty, acid and bitter), slowly roll the olive oil throughout your mouth from the front part of the mouth and tongue, along the sides, to the back part, and to the palate and throat.
With lips semi-open, take short successive breaths to spread the oil extensively over through the whole mouth and to perceive the volatile aromatic compounds through the back of the nose. Some words used to describe olive oil flavor include: mild, fruity, nutty, peppery, intense, sweet, rich, subtle, delicate.

Visit our Olive Grove Shop

All our products are available online and from our olive grove shop, selected delicatessens and gourmet stores, and by mail order.

Our shop is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between 10 am and 5 pm, and weekdays by appointment. Coffee, tea and light refreshments are available.

Tourist groups are welcome, and tours through the grove can be arranged.